Welcome to The Dauntless Bananas

Our mission is to fill Cyrodiil and PvP with love, fun and joy! We welcome everyone, at all experience levels and help players improve to reach new heights of epicness and fun! 🏳️‍🌈

We are one of the largest coordinated AD Guilds on the European Server and we are also the proud winners of the 2020 #TamrielTogether Guild Competition.

Join Us:

Elder Scrolls Online
PC-EU Server

To Enter our Campaign
Press ‘L’ to reach ‘Campaigns’
-> select ‘Gray Host’ (Alliance Locked Cyrodiil)
-> right click – enter campaign

The Dauntless Bananas

Try Us Out For a Cyrodiil Run
Visit Gray Host Cyrodiil between
7:30-10:30pm UTC
& type +banana in zone chat.
[We accept zone +banana when we have space]

Join our Guild

Guilds -> Find a Guild:
PVP + AD -> The Dauntless Bananas!


Join our Discord

Once you’ve been accepted into The Dauntless Bananas: -> Ingame, visit our Guild home page
-> find and use the url to join our fun in Discord
-> bonus: pick up your secret password from discord for more access on this website as you rank up in the Guild.

Remember to include your ingame ESO account name on your comment. (All comments are held for moderation).

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